Who should use the N-Euro system?

To get the system off the ground, we are looking for any administration somewhere in the Eurozone who would like to try it out. Essentially, it would be some sort of organisation (a local council, a municipality, a regional government, or who knows, maybe Alexis Tsipras!) that currently
a) pays citizens salaries, pensions or benefits in Euros
b) collects some form of tax or charges

Suppose you are the head of a local government that charges businesses and resisdents taxes. If you agree that you will accept N-Euros in payment for those taxes instead of conventional Euros, then you are ready to go!

From that point, you could decide to pay some proportion of salaries or benefits using N-Euros, which would immediately save you money, because you wouldn't need to have that money available.

Clearly, you will also need to be able to set up accounts for as many citizens and businesses as possible in your locality. This should be easy for people that are currently on your payroll or receiving benefits, but it would be even more useful if you could get other people to join in too.

Suppose that you managed to get everyone in your city to sign up - citizens and businesses. N-Euros would enter the system via the N-Euro accounts of people working for the local authority. But they could then be used to make payments to other local businesses, who would very probably be happy to take them instead of conventional Euros because they know that they are worth 1 euro each, and can be used to pay taxes.

That really is all you need to establish parity between N-Euros and Euros! Simple!